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Keeping 1t $imple $martly


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Keeping 1t $imple $martly


Hello and Welcome to the site for KA$ Inc.

Before we get too wrapped up in things lets get clear on one little matter

We are Bookkeepers. We are NOT Accountants and as Bookkeepers we implement

accounting practices revolving around the five basic account types and practices.

We work with accountants to present a clear picture of the books for the purpose of tax  filing

as we work with our clients to help them understand how to translate income statements and balance sheets

allowing for knowledge based decisions to be made for business health, direction and growth.

That is what good bookkeepers do!

To achieve such an incredible task we will engage with our clients and ask many, many questions

to ensure we have a concrete understanding of their business  

which helps us direct the record keeping process of all business transactions

in a proficient, timely and organized manner resulting in cost and stress savings throughout the year.

Monthly, quarterly and/or Annually

HST, CRA, WSIB, EHT reporting's accurately calculated and submitted on time.

Annual T4, T4A, T5, CRA & WSIB summary remuneration reporting.

Yearend reports and documents assembled and submitted to the accounting firms

as we keep a watchful eye for any anomalies to your business account transactions.

We try not to say it to loudly, but we really are quite good at what we do because we care for our clients,

passionately love what we do and take joy in watching your business grow and prosper.

    Our Commitment